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    Nihal Guest

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    I am using index server 2.0 for the search engine in my WEB site. The index catelog contains all the search options except "vpath". The "vpath" field is empty. Does any of you know what is wrong with this.<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>

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    Ben Higgins Guest

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    I&#039m having the same problem. I&#039ve killed the catalog and recreated it - checked the ASP&#039s etc . . . . the only thing I can think of would be the addition of FP Extensions 200 SR 1.1 . . . . anyone have any ideas?

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    agonyX Guest

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    OK... now take into account that I&#039m extremely new to ASP, but could vpath mean virtual path?? Like... where the information to search is stored? I could be wrong, I could be VERY wrong, but hey i could be right too. just a guess.

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