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    hi friends,<BR><BR> i have a interview for asp/sql server(finance applications) position. i was wondering what kind of questions they ask in interview, i do have 3+ years experience developing applications but sometimes the questions will be very theoritical so i may not know it, so i am just looking for general pattern for interview, any suggestion will be very much appreciated as i need this job very badly.<BR><BR>thanks and regards

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    Every company is different. Some concentrate on tricky questions, some on what you have done in past. Some give you a programming question and ask you how you would solve it (not make a real solution, just layout the technique, data structures, etc.).<BR><BR>I don&#039;t see how you can possibly "cram" for an interview, unless you know somebody else who has interviewed at that place in the past. And even then you might get a different interviewer who has completely different ideas.<BR><BR>I&#039;d just relax and go with your strengths. And whatever you do, don&#039;t try to b.s. If you don&#039;t know an answer, say so. If you *think* you might know an answer, but aren&#039;t sure, again say so. If you&#039;re 90% sure, maybe take a stab. But it&#039;s not fatal to express doubt. It is fatal to lie.<BR><BR>

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