Hello, I just added several news feeds into my webpage, but I would like the user to have the ability to close one of the feeds (for example, if the user doesn&#039t want "Sports", they can close the "sports feed").<BR><BR>(Example here-) www.mystartingpage.com does this with their website, but they use ColdFusion, something I don&#039t have access to. Is there a way to accomplish this via ASP, CGI, SSL, XML?<BR><BR>....FURTHERMORE, I received the following answer on a newsgroup to this quesiton, can someone explain to me what this guy is saying?<BR><BR>Anyhelp would be VERY much appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Nate<BR><BR><BR >&#062;&#062;&#062;Nate, You could have a "Turn Off" link which submitted to an ASP page that set a session variable indicating the preference. For example, the link:<BR><BR> &#060;a href="setpref.asp?cat=sports"&#062;Turn off Sports Feed&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>submits to a page which does<BR><BR> if Request.QueryString("cat")="sports" then Session("showSport")=False<BR><BR>and the page which is displaying the feeds would wrap the display in<BR>a conditional to check that session variable<BR><BR> if Session("showSport")=True then<BR> ....<BR> end if <BR><BR>You&#039d probably want to set your defaults in a global.asa&#060;&#060;&#060;