I&#039;m building a control that uses CultureInfo at run-time to build a language specific string. Works great.<BR><BR>I want to expand design-time support to the same languages instead of using only the default Language.<BR><BR>If VS.Net is installed in multiple languages (very unlikely, don&#039;t want to go there) then the CultureInfo.CurrentCulture at design time will be determined by the selection in the menu Tools&#124options&#124International Settings&#124Language<BR><BR>The LanguageBar (for changing the layout of the keyboard etc) seems like the obvious place to make a culture selection, but I can&#039;t find anything .Net for reading it&#039;s current selection.<BR><BR>So, from a .Net class/object, I want to read the culture selected in the language bar. <BR>Can anyone help?<BR><BR>I have lots of partial solutions but I want to be able to have one "Global" switch.<BR><BR><BR>