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    Default RegExp with ADO Recordset

    I'm trying to use Regular Expressions on a recordset of existing data so that the users can edit it. I tried to use a validate procedure I created for the new entry page, but it acts as if the data in the textbox is not there. I have tried isEmpty() function and If/Else statements to determine if the textbox is empty. They're all empty, even when they are not. Does any one have any ideas that could help? I'm using ASP with javascript from an Access database.

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    Default Ever heard of showing code?

    You have mixed up so many concepts into that paragraph that *I*, for one, don&#039;t even know *where* you are trying to use IsEmpty or the If/Else.<BR><BR>And how can you use If/Else to determine if a text box (no such thing in HTML, which makes me wonder if you are talking ASP.NET, but other people use that sloppy term for a text field, so I dunno) is empty until after the form is submitted and and and and.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: RegExp with ADO Recordset

    Where are using the Regular expression? Client-side or server-side? You might want to consider posting some code.

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