This is my first attempt at Flash-ASP integration (or ASP anything, for that matter). I&#039;ve been trying to cobble together some working ASP code by copying similar examples.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve created a charting application in Flash. I need it to query an Access database through an ASP page. We&#039;re using the Flash piece to conduct a poll and display the results in a chart. <BR><BR>The user casts his vote by clicking one of four buttons (each wrapped in a movie clip), and the button sets the variable "_root.currentvote" to 1, 2, 3 or 4, sends all variables to an ASP page, and calls the subroutine "removeoldchart" (which goes on to call other subroutines that actually build the chart). The main timeline plays to the next frame where the chart is displayed. The Flash code:<BR><BR>on (release) {<BR> _root.currentvote = buttonnumber;<BR> loadvariablesnum("test17.asp",0,"GET")<BR> _root.removeoldchart();<BR> with (_root) {<BR> play();<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>"currentvote" traces in the Output window as 1, 2, 3 or 4, so I know it&#039;s being set correctly in Flash. This particular version uses "get," I&#039;ve used "post" as well. Nothing happens, except that the Flash movie moves to the next frame. <BR><BR>The latest version of the ASP code:<BR><BR>&#060;%@Language="JavaScript"%&#062;< BR>&#060;%<BR>//var currentvote=3;<BR>var pathstring=Server.MapPath("polldata.mdb");<BR>var connectionobject=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connec tion");<BR>connectionobject.Open("Driver={Microsof t Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ="+pathstring+";");<BR>var recordsetobject=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Records et");<BR>var querystring = "UPDATE PollData SET count = count + 1 WHERE response = &#039;" + currentvote + "&#039;";<BR>connectionobject.Execute(querystring) ;<BR>var querystring="SELECT * FROM PollData";<BR>recordsetobject.Open(querystring,con nectionobject);<BR>var flashstring="";<BR>while(!recordsetobject.EOF){<BR > var flashstring=(flashstring+"votetotal"+recordsetobje ct("response")<BR><BR>+"="+recordsetobject("count" )+"&");<BR> recordsetobject.MoveNext();<BR>}<BR>Response.Write (flashstring+"dataloaded1=true&");<BR>recordsetobj ect.Close();<BR>delete recordsetobject;<BR>connectionobject.Close();<BR>d elete connectionobject;<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>The funny thing is that when I uncomment the currentvote line and surf to the ASP page in a browser, it works beautifully. It adds one to the correct database record each time I refresh the browser window. Here&#039;s an example of what it returns in the browser window:<BR><BR>votetotal1=286&votetotal2=198&votet otal3=74&votetotal4=81&dataloaded1=true&<BR><BR>Wh y does it work in the browser, but not with Flash? What am I missing? I&#039;ve spent about 60 hours on this over the last two months, and I&#039;m not getting anywhere. Any help will be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Bill Gregg