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    RICK S Guest

    Default Interpereted ASP VS VB COM ?

    Does anyone have any information on the performance gains from using VB COM compared to just straight ASP. I have built a few components which allow me to do things which are not posssible with ASP, such as HTTP GETS and FIle uploads, but I would like to get some concrete info on just how much better performance you can achieve in just everday Buisiness logic and DB connections by using VB COM.

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default COM wins if you're ready for it.

    Under "normal" stress conditions, I&#039ve seen numbers ranging from 40% to 80% acceleration. A lot of this relies on the sort of functions being called; how much is internal computation which can be optimized as oppoed to interfacing? (See the "Developing ASP Components" O&#039Reilly book for more precise details.)<BR><BR>Keep in mind that bad programming is still bad programming -- massive string alterations made my first component an order of magnitude slower than it&#039s scripted counterpart which dumped everything to the browser as fast as possible.<BR><BR>Keep in mind that Microsoft says that you shouldn&#039t perform any interfacing with a component -- ObjectContext is a massive performance hit and ScriptingContext is no longer supported (it exists for people who did development under IIS 3.0) -- so the usefulness of your component may be exceptionally limited.<BR><BR>Keep in mind that if you have indecisive users ("Oh, can we add/remove/alter Foo?"), scripts are much more flexible and don&#039t require server down time.<BR><BR>Keep in mind that debugging a from-scratch component is a bit more difficult than a script (which will give you the line in the script where the component crashed when the component crashes).<BR><BR>But in terms of portability and stress-survival, a COM object easily outmodes a script.<BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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