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    Hi, I have been using the CDate function recently and all is going generally well. I have form field posting to a script which verifies someones age. However, although the script works well, if the user doesn&#039;t type there DOB in the format: dd/mm/yyyy then i get an error. Is there anyway i can alter the script to recognise whether or not what was tyoed into the form field by the user is in the format dd/mm/yyyy, and if not, then redirect them?<BR><BR>All help appreciated<BR><BR>Webboy

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    Yes, you could easily test that the date is valid, there are numerous free JavaScript functions that do that.<BR><BR>BUT what they won&#039;t do is tell you if 10/3/03 is 10th March 2003 or 3rd October 2003.<BR><BR>You could get them to pick the day, the month & the year from dropdown boxes, but then you will need to deal with people entered their DOB as 31 Feb etc.

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