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    Hello all... I'm just starting research how I might be able to get data from a blackberry (or other "handheld") into a database... the idea is users come out of a meeting, thumb in a couple of sentences in a very simple form in a browser window, submit it, and it goes into a database. Then, when the user gets back to his or her desktop, more data can be added. Ideas on where I can learn how to do this? Good websites? Has anyone done this before? THANKS

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    I may be wrong, but i thought a blackberry could only send & recieve email; if this is the case you&#039;d have to set up an application on the mail server to process the mails. I think it has a JVM onboard - but you&#039;re in the wrong place to ask about that.<BR><BR>If you could get a browser to run on it - (or any other &#039;handheld&#039;), it could be a simple asp based system; very easy, just take a look in the faq&#039;s to get the basics, and come back with more specific questions.<BR><BR>cp

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