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    ...why do I have the feeling that you are still working on a particular site?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a03f9&#039; <BR>Expected &#039;Then&#039; <BR>/software.asp, line 107 <BR>If Session("LoggedIn") = True<BR>-----------------------------^<BR><BR>&#060;grin style="major" /&#062;<BR><BR>Hey, you guys gonna help me get my Midi-fied 1906 pump organ up and running? (I didn&#039;t really think so.)<BR><BR>I&#039;m really curious as to what this product is and where it&#039;s going. It&#039;s now bookmarked.<BR><BR>

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    It is a computer that when attached to a piano will playback from DVD or CD and also record to the hard drive and then the user can burn their composition onto CD or DVD. While there are others on the market that have playback and record, this unit has a few features that others don&#039;t have. It is smaller in size, offers the ability to network with other Klavierdock users, has a flat panel display that pops up, plus the ability to burn the CD or DVD. This is a new item on the market and already has drawn quite a bit of attention from others in the Piano industry. <BR><BR>You are right, I am currently working on this site. I have put about 9 days into this project, and if I could get my cousin to give me some more info I would be further along. Plus she has changed some things after I completed them, and also decided not to have others that were already completed. What am I to say though, as Klavierdock is her company.

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