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    I have set up a WEB based Access database which contains an online report. One of the fields in the report is updated by several individuals. They have requested that their updates be colour coded so that each member has a different colour, therefor each member can see who has made the update and hense the status of the report.<BR><BR>Can anybody come up with a way of solving this as I now have a headache.<BR>

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    I am not sure I understand, but if I am guessing write, then I would simply put a fields owner and color that would hold values like &#039gary&#039 and &#039003366&#039. Then I am guessing you are looping the information and displaying it, so when you loop the info, put a if statement that says if this records owner is gary then write outs garys color. Then loop again, it if finds dylan it will write out your color.<BR><BR>I hope I understood your question properly.<BR>Hope that helps.<BR>

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