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    Hi,<BR> I have an HTML Input control which takes user input and posts the information to a back-end database. Occasionally some of the user input gets truncated before being entered into the database. This is not an error I can duplicate all the time.<BR><BR>Any pointers ?<BR><BR>Prashanth

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    Default Check

    that the inputs have value="&#060;data&#062;"

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    Getting truncated at what length? One thing I can say is Netscape and IE will only accept so many characters in a textbox before the string gets truncated. 30,000 characters in Nutscrape and 60,000 in IE. Is the text that long? If so that is why. <BR><BR>If the text is not that long then one thing you could do to examine the code is set the submit script to send you an email of the text that is getting truncated. That way you can see the actual text and compare it to the database text and see where it bombed. <BR><BR>Look at your replace funtions and InStr functions if you have any. Could there be a problem there? Do you have processing that is supposed to manage and remove unwanted characters that<BR>is deleting the entire string after the character?<BR><BR>The problem is somewhere in the above I am sure.

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