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    OK - this is probably a dumb question, but I can&#039;t find a clear cut answer. Can someone please explain the difference between Unicode and Non-Unicode data? I&#039;m not sure if I should use varchar or nvarchar for example. I know the maximum lengths differ, but why should I or should I not use Unicode vs. Non-Unicode?<BR>Thank you!

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    Default Only use for non-English...

    Only use nchar and nvarchar when you *know* you will need to use in a language other than English...<BR><BR>It&#039;s bad other than that because it takes twice the storage...One byte for character and one byte for metadata about character (n types)...<BR><BR>KLC

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    Varchar is the one most people would use and stores at a rate of 1 byte per character <BR>NVarchar is used to store the extented character set as in (É). this however has an overhead of 2 bytes per character to enable the accenting. Problem is that even normal characters in an nvarchar field take 2 bytes per character.

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