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    I want to be able to scrape a web page and then select an area of the page and put it into a Gif/Jpeg and then finally output this to the browser. The screen scrape is not the prob, can you put the result of the scrape into a manipulatable graphics style object?<BR><BR>Anybody have any clues or info on how to do this?<BR><BR>What i want to be<BR>able to do is to autogenerate a thumbnail image based on the output of a<BR>url. ie a 300 by 300 px square from the top left hand corner of<BR>aspalliance.com, or whatever.<BR><BR>The image need not be of the entire page but should be as though you printed the screen, and cut out a portion of the printout, resized it as necessary then output this into an aspx page with the right content-type set and point your img tag src to this.<BR><BR>So how can i do this? Does anyone have a reference i can look at?<BR><BR>Geena<BR>

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    I don&#039;t even know if there *IS* a pre-built activeX component to do what you want to do.<BR><BR>For starters, you say "the screen scrape is not the prob", and it sure seems like a problem to me! Unless you mean you will do the scrape manually, using "print screen".<BR><BR>If you scrape via XMLHTTP, for example, all you get back is a *text file* of HTML. You&#039;d then have to figure out how to render that as a graphic image and *then* capture the image.<BR><BR>Once you have an image of any kind, doing the thumbnail is pretty easy, using any of various ActiveX components that are available. http://www.AspIn.com has a section devoted to such components, some free, most inexpensive.<BR><BR>But the rendering of the HTML *has* to be done via a browser, and that means "scripting" MSIE. Which is certainly possible, and I&#039;ve even seen it done from VB.NET, but not from VBScript.<BR><BR>

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