Hello All,<BR><BR>I am attemtping to implement automatic transactions in my VB .NET application. My solution is structured as follows:<BR><BR> - Web application project - presentation layer<BR> - class library project - business layer<BR> - class library project - data access layer<BR><BR><BR>I have completed the following tasks in an attempt to implement the transaction control:<BR><BR> - created a key pair file called "NSCAGKey.snk", and placed the file in the solution directory.<BR><BR> - added the following entry to the assemblyinfo.vb file for each of the projects<BR> &#060;Assembly: AssemblyKeyFileAttribute("NSCAGKey.snk")&#062; <BR><BR> - added the following decalration to the top of each of the classes in the business layer and data Access layer projects:<BR><BR> Imports System.EnterpriseServices<BR> Imports System.Reflection<BR><BR> &#060;Transaction(TransactionOption.Required)&#062 ; Public Class clsFirstContactType<BR> Inherits ServicedComponent<BR><BR>When I run the application the first page renders but when I try to access the first class I get the following error:<BR>"Access to the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTmmlib.NSCAGSQLResponse is denied"<BR><BR>When I look in the registry the mmlib dll does not exist, which suggests that the assembly has not been loaded into the registry. The dll&#039;s are being created by the build process and placed in the bin directory for the project.<BR><BR>So what to do? <BR>Thanks<BR>Mark.