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    I am uploading a file to the database now what i want is to add a check if the file is alredy present in the db the it will ask me to wether i want to overite or cancel.<BR>Cancel is working fine but to overite i have to resubmit the Asp page but as the value of the file is in the input type file it gets lost on submitting.<BR>I tried to get it in a hidden field but as it is in binary read format it is not working.<BR>Help;

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    Default Easy way... the file in the DB under a *TEMPORARY* name (maybe you put $$$ in front of the name???).<BR><BR>Ask if overwrite or not. If overwrite, DELETE the old one and rename (using UPDATE query) the new one. If not overwrite, allow user to select another name (and then you do a different UPDATE query) or forget the whole thing (and then you delete the temp).<BR><BR>

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