Hi<BR>I was trying to secure my XML webservice using SOAPHeader class. Allthough I have been successful in doing that I have two questions in mind.<BR><BR>1. Is this method really secure? I am concerned about Hacking.<BR>2. I have a class which inherits from SOAPHeader like<BR><BR>Public Class myClass : Inherits SoapHeader<BR><BR>Now am using this class inside my webmethod like<BR><BR>Public Class Service1 Inherits WebService<BR> Public IsHeader As myClass<BR> &#060;WebMethod(), SoapHeader("IsHeader")&#062; Public Function SecureHello() As String<BR><BR>Now by accessing the username and password supplied by "IsHeader" class and comparing them with database I authenticate the user. Now my question is that say I have 5 webmethods defined in my web service. Do I have to implement the same logic in each and every webmethod to ensure the security? <BR>3. Is there a way by which I can know about the client that requested my XML web service<BR><BR>Any advice on this would be helpful. If possible snippets of code wud really help.<BR><BR>Thanks