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    Hi! I am a beginner: The first program that I created was for a simple form asking the user to input data. In the response.write syntax if I write it this way,<BR>Address:&#060;%= Response.write (Address) %&#062;&#060;/p&#062; it works but all the examples that I have read show this code<BR>Address:&#060;%Response.write (Address)%&#062; This did not work<BR>Why is that?<BR>2.Is there any way that we can view the ASP source code when we run a page?

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    &#060;%="hello"<BR><BR>is just short for doing<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Write "hello"<BR><BR>No diff. Yours probably didn&#039;t work because of the parens.<BR><BR>2. No

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