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    I wiould like to select a record randomly from a set of records (record set). Like a lottery draw. Is there any method to select one record randomly from record set

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    Use vbscript randomize and rnd to generate a random number.<BR><BR>1.) get a record count from your recordset into something like intRsCount.<BR><BR>2.) put "randomize" w/o quotes in your asp<BR><BR>3.) call a function like this. intGoToRec = GetRandomNumber(intRsCount)<BR>Function GetRandomNumber(intSize)<BR> intRecord = Int((intSize * Rnd) + 1) <BR> GetRandomNumber = intRecord<BR>End Function<BR><BR>4.) now use the move to that number and write out that record.<BR><BR>that was quickly made up, it should work, I am sure you can create something a little cleaner, but that will work as it.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>

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