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    I have this problem yesterday. I need to format the $ amounts, Currenty I have the query:<BR> strSQL = "SELECT ID, PurchaseOrder, Supplier, Name, Month(ShipDate) & &#039;/&#039; & Day(ShipDate) & &#039;/&#039; & Year(ShipDate), ActualShipDate, Revision, &#039;$&#039; & SumOfExtCost FROM POTable WHERE UserID =&#039;" & UserID & "&#039;"<BR> <BR>I currently get $5000.0000 I wanted to format it to see $5,000.00. Is it possible to do in query?<BR>Thank again for your help.<BR>Petra.<BR>

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    Default Sigh...what database?

    Ehhh...I guess it *must* be Access, since you use & in the SQL code.<BR><BR>So just do <BR> FormatCurrency(SumOfExtCost)<BR><BR>Won&#039;t work in any other DB, but Access has all the same date and format functions that VBS does.<BR><BR>

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