I just spent a weekend rebuilding my system after PWS corrupted my registry! Ack, it&#039s a wonder I reinstalled it! Now, I read a little blurb that says I should change the default of threads=both to apartment since I am using access databases. What&#039s your opinion?<BR>Also, it seems my global.asa is not working. I am using frontpage 2000 to build my pages. I have been able to access my database with a dsn and dsnless connection when I put the connection string in the asp page opening the database, but when I put the same string in global.asa in an application variable it doesn&#039t work:<BR><BR> application("connstring") = "DBQ=server.mappath("/db/mydb.mdb"); Driver={microsoft access driver(*.mdb)};"<BR><BR> called in query.asp<BR><BR> dbconn.open application("connstring")<BR><BR>I&#039m officially going looney trying to figure this out. This doesn&#039t mean I am planning on using appl or session variables to store stuff like connections or recordsets, but would like to actually know this stuff is working. Thanks!