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    Pedro Assumpção Guest

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    How can I grab the content in other WebSite.<BR>Ex: I store the content in a variable and add to my Home Page.

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    I&#039ve never done it, but you&#039re looking at a COM object that will download the page you specify and parse it however you want and then add it to your page.<BR><BR>Also: note that this will increase the loading time of your page noticably<BR><BR>Nathan

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    na8ur Guest

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    may this helps..<BR><BR><BR><BR>there you can see how i involved with layer and &#060;div&#062; ´s placing the news field. <BR><BR>! also watch the end of the document !

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    You will need a third-party component to do this. There is a free one, ASPTear ( This can be used to get HTTP results from another webserver. There is an article and example code on how to use ASP Tear:<BR><BR>Grabbing Information from other Servers <BR><BR>

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    Pedro Assupcao Guest

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    Thanks a lot.<BR>

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    Norman King Guest

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    You could try this:<BR><BR>&#060;object type="text/x-scriptlet" width=100% height="250" data=""&#062;<BR>&#060;/object&#062;<BR><BR>It will be client side, but will add the contents of the web site to your own page. <BR><BR>It is sort of DHTML, but you could modify it to do this:<BR><BR>&#060;object type="text/x-scriptlet" width=100% height="250" data="&#060;%=RS("URL")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>&#060;/object&#062;<BR><BR>Where RS is your recordset and URL is the field name of the web address.

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