Hi,<BR><BR>I have trouble in the array split.<BR>Everytime I split an array, it will add an extra white space on the SECOND (and all below it) array list. The first list on the array is fine. I used standard split function :<BR>Session("L_Brandcode")=Split(Request.Form("br and"),",", -1, 1) <BR><BR>Which will split my brand form entry into some array but it will display<BR>XMARKX X SCOTTX X TommyX X JamesX <BR><BR>(I use this code to display it:) <BR>&#060;%For each item in Session("L_BRANDCODE") <BR>Response.Write("X"&item & "X ") <BR>next%&#062;<BR><BR>Could anybody help me to delete the extra white space when I run the split?<BR><BR>Thanks!!!<BR><BR>