I have a DB that has tables that are created dynamically. After the tables are created, information is inserted into them. Right now I&#039m doing this with a series of SQL statements sent from my ASP to the DB.<BR>Is it possible to do this with stored procedures? I can&#039t know in advance what the name of the table will be. The name of the table is generated in the ASP. Is it possible to send a table&#039s name as an input parameter from an ASP to a stored procedure? <BR><BR>The code below is rejected by the SQL Server 7 syntax checker. (It complains about the variable @TableName in the INSERT line.)<BR>If this can be done, can you please point me to some example code? <BR><BR>MY CODE:<BR>CREATE PROCEDURE [sp_ins_Test] <BR><BR> (@TableName [VARCHAR] (200),<BR> @One [INT],<BR> @Two [INT],<BR> @Three [INT])<BR><BR>AS<BR><BR>INSERT @TableName VALUES (@One, @Two, @Three)<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Tom