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    How can a form field in an asp page be disabled to prevent user entering data into it for example if the data it relates to is rendered irrelevant by selecting a radio button or by the user&#039;s site privileges?<BR><BR>The application I&#039;m using is for users to upload files but limiting the number they can upload by disabling the file upload box once the limit is reached. (I am logging information about the file uploads in the database and using "Select Count(...) AS NoOfRecs..." in an sql string to determine how many files the user has already submitted)<BR><BR>I am thinking something along the lines of:<BR>NoOfRecs = rs("NoOfRecs")<BR>If NoOfRecs &#062; 10 Then <BR>&#039;code to disable the form field&#039;<BR>End If

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    &#060;input type=text disabled&#062;<BR><BR>

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