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    Hi<BR>I created a web application on a W2000 PC and want to install it on a NT4 Server, so I created an installation project using the wizard and everytime I generate it, it shows a message saying something like "WARNING: Installation Program doesn&#039;t contain .NET Framework which is installed when executing dotnetfx.exe ....". (I use Visual Studio in Spanish, so I don&#039;t know how is exactly the message in English).<BR><BR>I tried adding dotnetxfx.exe to the installation project, but it still showed the same message, so I installed manually .NET Framework redistributable on the server. It didn&#039;t show any error message on the installation but the server is still not recognizing .aspx extensions. I found an article that talks about this but the resolution is to use "aspnet_regiis.exe" and I don&#039;t have this program, neither "aspnet_isapi.dll" (the dll which it supposes to register). I think .net framework should copy this 2 files, but I have uninstalled and installed again, the installation is always "successful" but I cannot solve my problem.<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong :( ????<BR><BR>Thanks for your time!

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    Before "installing" a webapp on a server, maybe you should concentrate on making sure that your target server supports the type of webappp.<BR><BR>DotNetFX installs the framework. I do not thnk that it also installs the asp.net server.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default .Net Framework Supported Platforms


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    It says that NT4 Service Pack 6 is supported. That&#039;s what I have. <BR>

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    Default Read the whole page

    You should read the whole page; not just what is enough to have the wrong ideas.<BR><BR>A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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    Hi<BR>I didn&#039;t even have to read the whole page, the column&#039;s header says it very clear: "Supports all of the .NET Framework EXCEPT Microsoft ASP.NET" (this time I read the whole page, though).<BR>Thank you for bother in answer such silly mistake.<BR><BR>

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    Default :D Yer welcome

    You&#039;re quite welcome.<BR><BR>Sometime the sqeeky wheel gets the grease, other times it gets greased ;)

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