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    Is there a way to match words within strings (without using pattern matching)that is not case sensitive? <BR><BR>Here is what I am doing: I have a template driven website that incorporates an XML based glossary. Every time a page is opened, the template program loops through the contents of the requested page and matches up terms in the page with terms in the glossary. When it finds one, it replaces the term with a link that opens a small window and displays the term and definition.<BR><BR>My problem: The person I built this for likes to store all of the glossary terms in mixed case, but most often they appear in lowercase in the page, and because they are not the same case they are not treated as the same word. <BR><BR>How can a get around this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Have a great day.

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    I think it&#039;s vbTextCompare (one of the parameters you send during InStr()<BR><BR>Check out the documentation on it, and it&#039;ll tell you exactly what to use :)

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