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    Hi there,<BR>I have developed a discussion board for my site and i can display all original messages and replies to the original message, but when i reply to a reply it is not being displayed. I am using a nested for loop with and if loop to check for replies as follows but it doesnt catch replies to replies. Can anyone help please?????<BR><BR><BR> for i=0 to x-1 <BR> response.wrte(name(i)&","&subject(i))<BR> for j=0 to y-1<BR> if ref2(j)=ref(i) then <BR> response.wrte(name2(j)&","&subject2(j)) <BR> end if<BR> next<BR> next

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    Kinda tough to do that way. Actually, not sure it&#039;s going to work that way at all, not for a tree view messageboard. A linear one would be easier to do, and something like that might work. You just have to keep track of the parent id. If you have to do a tree view, you&#039;ll probably need to do recursion to figure all the replies and replies to replies and stuff.

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