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    Hi,<BR><BR>in making a current site i need to have a browser-window that stays always on top, but here are the requirements:-<BR><BR>1. must always be on top<BR>2. must allow access (i.e. scrolling/typing) to the window beneath it, whilst always staying on top<BR>3. must be able to type into the always on top window and access it as normal<BR>4. must not have a parent/child relationship with the window beneath it, as the window beneath it must be dynamic and can change etc.<BR><BR>I have already tried self.focus etc. and modal stuff doesnt fit the requirements.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be phenomenally appreciated.<BR><BR>yours<BR><BR>Ankur<BR>ankurliv

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    Default 2 makes it impossible

    Cause as soon as one window gets the focus, the other goes away. No way around it.

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