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    Hi there,<BR><BR>don&#039t think too bad about me :-) but it seems that I am not able <BR>to create a asp-site using an local access-db as datasource.<BR>could anybody help me?<BR><BR>thanks a lot!<BR>Iba

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    1.) create a dsn, if you are using one. Under Start--&#062;Settings--&#062;ControlPanel--&#062;ODBC Data Sources--&#062;You want to click system DSN.<BR>2.) Click Add--&#062;Select Microsoft Access--&#062;Enter the information about the location you have the database.<BR>3.) In your code when you do an open on your connection.<BR>objConn.Open "DSN=NameYouPutInStep2"<BR><BR>That is pretty much the jist of it, there are a lot of articles that will help you on this site and others. <BR><BR>If you are having problems still, please repost your question but make sure to specify, I am using "win9x, winNT", "I want to use a DSN", "DSNless connection", "or not sure". This way we can quickly identify the steps for your particlular operating system and environment.

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