Hello!<BR><BR>I want to send parameters to an ASP page on the internett. The ASP page should update a database with the 2 paramaters that it recieves from the Java application. I&#039;ve tested the ASP page manually by typing this adress: http://www30.brinkster.com/slakapung/settest.asp?ta=10&te=test<BR>and it works fine. The problem is to do it from the Java application.<BR>Here&#039;s the code that I&#039;ve tried:<BR><BR>try<BR>{<BR>URL url = new URL ("http://www30.brinkster.com/slakapung/settest.asp") ;<BR>HttpURLConnection con = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection() ;<BR>con.setDoOutput(true) ;<BR><BR>}<BR>catch(IOException f)<BR>{<BR>System.out.println(f.toString()) ;<BR>}<BR><BR>try<BR>{<BR>OutputStream os = con.getOutputStream() ;<BR>OutputStreamWriter osw = new OutputStreamWriter(os) ;<BR><BR>osw.write("?ta=11&te=test") ;<BR><BR>osw.close() ;<BR>}<BR>catch(IOException f)<BR>{<BR>System.out.println(f.toString()) ;<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>I get no error messages when running this code, but it does not update the database. Any ideas?<BR>I am thankful for any anwser :)<BR>Thanks<BR>