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    I found a set of tutorials here: www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/110599-1.shtml that describes how to encrypt a string using a Vernam Cipher style custom generated key file. I am able to get this to work on one page (have the string, encrypted string, and decrypted string all display on one page), but when I attempt to use it in a QueryString, the encrypted URL adds/transforms characters that are then decrypted improperly, almost like it&#039;s doing a "Server.URLEncode()" automatically.<BR><BR>Is there any way to remove/alter certain characters (spaces, dashes, ampersands, question marks, etc.) from my key file and still have it work properly?<BR><BR>EXAMPLE:<BR>xample:<BR>Original encrypted text:<BR>cryptresults.asp?encrypted=4^x9/%7%GO8 ^XXSuE$E2#b5,]Y,N`(1-25GZ&#124<BR><BR>In the querystring it is transformed to this:<BR>cryptresults.asp?encrypted=4^x9/%7%GO8%20^XXSuE$E2#b5,]Y,N`(1-25GZ&#124<BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>-Anthony

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    Are you using SQL or Access? If you are using SQL then you will not have to worry about encrypting. But you can if you want inside of SQL. But there is no need.<BR><BR>You can also simply write a generic stored procedure and pass in paramters. No one can get to the stored proc&#039;s anyway. Use views for all your select, update, delete and get statements, however you can not do that with update, you cna only update a table, not a view.<BR><BR>If you are using Access, about all you can do is make certain that your data source is not in the root of your website. Place it on a different drive or directory away from the site directory.

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