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    Right i&#039;m doin a website for a band and as part of it there are photo&#039;s from each gig they play. I have links to each photo stored in a db and they&#039;re used to build a page to display the photos.<BR>What i&#039;m having trouble with is there is not a set number of photos going up from each gig but i want to have pages showing 6 pictures with links to further pages with more pictures if necessary. What is the best way to display 6 pictures on a page and create the necessary links to show further pages?

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    Default *You* do the HTML design...

    ...and then we can help you plug the ASP code in place.<BR><BR>But how can *we* guess what kind of page design you want?<BR><BR>Create a page with 6 images, figure out where you want the links to other stuff. Then create a page with only 3 images, perhaps. Look for the stuff in common between the two. Look for stuff that only applies when more than 6 images. *Then* discuss what you want the ASP code to do in the way of "smarts."<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure this belongs in the "Advanced" forum, either. But I&#039;ll withhold judgment on that until you show us what you come up with for the overall page design.<BR><BR>

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