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    Hi have problems with my asp code on my home computer, i have Professional and IIS 5.1 installed... <BR><BR>ASP code that works perfectly on win2k server with iis 5.1 works but not on my XP system, <BR><BR>Anyone knows more about this issue?<BR><BR>Regards magnus

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    Default We're not psychic... it&#039;s really hard to know what it is that doesn&#039;t work on your XP system.<BR><BR>Maybe you put it in the wrong directories and the system can&#039;t even find the pages?<BR><BR>How can we guess?<BR><BR>No code, no error messages, and we&#039;re 100% in the dark.<BR><BR>Oh...and ASP works just fine, thank you, on this particular XP machine I&#039;m typing on right now.<BR><BR>

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