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    I purchase software for our company and I need to create a web form so ppl can request software for purchase and my problem is that I don&#039;t know in advance how many different products they would want, so I can&#039;t think of a good way to create a form which could handle from 1 type of software to millions...help me out... thank you..<BR><BR>Example:<BR><BR>one person might only want 1 product: office<BR>another person might want 2 products: office and windows<BR>another person might want 3 products: office windows and acrobat....<BR><BR>any ideas<BR>

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    Well, you can ask them in step one how many items they want to request then give them boxes for that number of items, or you can be really un-advanced and put it in a text area. <BR><BR>Put me down for VisualStudio.Net

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