I want to know if this is possible?

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Thread: I want to know if this is possible?

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    Hi all<BR>Perhaps you can help me!<BR>1--I&#039ve created a .asp page dynamically (page1.asp)<BR><BR>2--In my page1.asp there is a &#060;form&#062;...&#060;/form&#062; with values that where generated dynamically.(In this page, there is no user input fields, just values!)<BR><BR>3--The user clicks on the submit button and the form goes to page2.asp<BR><BR>4--Now what I was doing in page2.asp was creating a text file with all the values from the form in page1.asp so that later I could send this .txt page as an attachment via email.<BR><BR>5--The thing is that my page1.asp is and always will be different so a text file will be created everytime. I&#039m asking you if there is a better way, I mean should I have to create a textfile every time or could I use the (view/source) of the page1.asp and copy it in my new created textfile without having to go through the function of creating a textfile<BR>Thanks

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    You have to create the text file dynamically everytime (and have that as fn. for creating a text file separately).I am not sure whether you want to overwrite the text file with the new contents overt the old one.the view source will give you information with html tags which some format of email does&#039nt support it and that involves user intervention.<BR>Use the scripting.FileSystemObject object to creat e a file.<BR>Hope this one answers your question.

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