I dynamically created table, tablecell, and tablerow controls in code. The number of rows in the table is dependent on a number the user enters into a textbox. When the user presses enter, the table is created at run time and placed in a placeholder. In some cells I have added dynamically created textboxes. I then, want the user to enter information into the textboxes.<BR><BR>Here is my question. How do I read the data from the created textboxes into a variable? <BR><BR>(I can&#039;t refer to them in code because I get the error that the control hasn&#039;t been declared. I understand that it because they doesn&#039;t exist in design time.)<BR><BR>If I can&#039;t, what&#039;s the point, besides labels, of being able to create web controls at runtime?<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>