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    I have a paging script (in VB Script) which works just fine using submit buttons, but when I try to use a query string it won&#039;t work. It has to do with the If statement:<BR><BR>If Request.ServerVariables(CONTENT_LENGTH) = 0 THEN<BR><BR>intCurrentPage = 1<BR><BR>Else<BR> intCurrentPage = CInt(Request.QueryString("CurrentPage"))<BR><BR> Select Case Request.QueryString("Submit")<BR><BR> Case "Previous"<BR> intCurrentPage = intCurrentPage - 1<BR> Case "Next"<BR> intCurrentPage = intCurrentPage + 1<BR> End Select<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>This obviously sets the value of intCurrentPage to 1 each time the script is called.<BR><BR>How can I use a querystring viz:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="script_name.asp?Submit=Next&CurrentPage=&#06 0;%=intCurrentPage%&#062;"&#062;Click Link&#060;/a&#062; <BR><BR>

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    &#062; &#060;a href="script_name.asp?Submit=Next&CurrentPage=&#06 0;%=intCurrentPage%&#062;"&#062;Click Link&#060;/a&#062; <BR><BR>I don&#039;t know why you need TWO querystring variables. you should try some different paging tutorials I think. all you should require is the page number.

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