Anyone experience this using __doPostBack?

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Thread: Anyone experience this using __doPostBack?

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    Default Anyone experience this using __doPostBack?

    I&#039;m calling __doPostBack within my own javascript function to do a postback. The code behind is executed (I can tell because things are being saved), but the page just sits there and doesn&#039;t reload. There&#039;s a Response.Redirect in my code behind, but the page is never redirected since there is no reload.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve used __doPostBack with success before, and I&#039;m not sure why it&#039;s not working on a new page I&#039;m developing.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default RE: Anyone experience this using __doPostBack?

    does a normal postback work?

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    Default Wierd.....

    I&#039;ve never seen a _dopostback used before. aside from javascript...and even was a whacky app. If you have the form set to runat=server, when you click a submit button...guess what. Might want to try the version of that...<BR><BR>If page.IsPostBack Then<BR>blah<BR>End If

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