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    I have a question for everybody that i need to delete an icon from the desktop and after that create a new icon on the desktop. The old icon points to C:WINNTProfilesachawlaDesktop where achawla is user name.How do i get a handle on this file , so that i can delete it using vb script??<BR>Second question is that how can i create an icon using vbscript ???

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    I understand your question but...<BR><BR>Is this for a Desktop application OR are you planning on achieving this using ASP ?<BR><BR>You can&#039;t achieve this using ASP unless you create some sort of ActiveX Control which your users will have to download.<BR><BR>Even using javascript(Client Side) you probably wont be able to achieve this for security reasons.<BR><BR>Hope this will help you a little!<BR>Sincerely<BR><BR>Vlince<BR><BR>PS: If you do find a way please share with us, I&#039;d like to know :)

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