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    i&#039m creating my own site and i would like to integrate a search engine to find information in my web pages. In my search form, i want to introduce several criteria using textboxes and listboxes.<BR>How can i build my page and which code should i use to do the search. Please, give me an example . I&#039ve already tried the code that i found in your site (A text-based Search Engine) but it doesn&#039t work. In that code, you talk about Text file, is it the same for web pages written in HTML?<BR>Thank you for your attention.<BR>C.

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    The code you found in this will work well it will just see for the file under a directory ( which can be read). their are other options such has using database search by putting some keywords and file but it needs manual interuption when some changes occur. Other is buying some other serch engine example from looksmart or infoseek they will provide search which looks more professional but money matters.<BR><BR>

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