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    Default Yeah I've got *YOUR* Attention!

    Yeah I&#039;ve got *YOUR* Attention! <BR><BR>Yes, in my point of view 4 Guys is a *killer* application is the point of refference on ASP, ASP .NET cause it is one of the first and best web sites ever made for asp reference, and when many sites crash and go down 4 guys *I believe* never will, cause he has the traffic is on the appropiate sector, and is doing a fenomenal labour on explaining (educating) what tech Is following the streaming line... <BR><BR>So, a version in spanish (and other languaje maybe) would be necesary, cause the *Languaje* Barrier, really is a *Heavy - Barrier* But The barrier is for the *Languaje* Not for the *Technology*, see we are talking, YEAH WE&#039;ve GOT TECH!<BR><BR>And I always have been considering IT! as a *Killer* &#060;solution&#062; project. So I post *CLEARLY* my offer:<BR><BR>4 GUYS FROM ROLLA FOR LATIN AMERICA, Translate and Pages Programing <BR>(Just for 900 - 1000k Job for a Permanet TIME!). See I&#039;m serious, and I&#039;m really Interested.<BR>

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    Default Why don't you go...

    Find an ASP site that&#039;s already in Spanish to bother? <BR><BR>

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    Default No you have not

    this is just interesting<BR><BR><BR>i dont read or write or even understand spanish for that matter and nothing personal but i really would never want to. So your idea may be great for you but is crap to me<BR><BR><BR>Now if YOU think that is suck a cool idea why dont you START one on your own?<BR><BR>At least SHOW something to sell someone on it.....for all we know you code worse than Xander<BR><BR><BR>

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