is it possible to use a variable to instead of text for the field name of a database when executing a filter?<BR><BR>example<BR><BR>OTime = Request.Form("time")<BR>...<BR>...<BR>objRec.Filte r = " &#039" % OTime % &#039" = yes "<BR><BR>the situation is that when people enter there information, they choose as many of 5 times as they want using checkboxes. then when others search the database, they want to find all the people that may have wanted a certain time. they pick whichever time that they want from a menu. the conflict between choosing from check boxed and from a menu is the heart of the conflict.<BR><BR>i have gotten the page to work using case statements imbedded in case statements, but that is really poor code. any other ideas?<BR><BR>paul<BR>