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    I have been tasked by my bosses to build a huge... ok HUGE... program that takes all of their numbers and run calculations on those numbers.<BR><BR>I was wondering if there were any documentation in regards to working with dates.<BR><BR>A month here needs to run from the 22nd of one month to the 21st of the next. The information needs to slide into the appropriate date range done WEEKLY and then the sums done on the Month itself.<BR><BR>Now I have written at least 50 programs and none of them have ever been this huge. Most of my other programs involve forms and whiteboards processing information back and forth...<BR><BR>I am concerned because some months have more days than others and then I have to consider Leap Year. Sheesh this would be easy if EVERY month reliably held 30<BR><BR>Any links or suggestions would be most helpful.<BR><BR>Thank you again.

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    Default There are a LOT of date functions

    jsut RTFM and you will be fine<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Many functions in SQL

    Yes many functions that are quite powerful. If you are talking SQL I recommend "The Guru&#039;s Guide to Transact SQL" This is very readable and has a lot on dates. I find if you can deal with the date (anything for that matter) in the SQL and narrow your recordset from the start, you will have a better more powerful tool.

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