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    Right i have built a shopping cart app but it&#039;s based on sessions so if the session times out the customer loses his cart. How do i get round this and does anyone know how sites like amazon remember what you&#039;ve had in your cart from a previous visit but you never completed the buy<BR><BR>cheers

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    --&#062;so if the session times out the customer loses his cart&#060;--<BR>--&#062;How do i get round this&#060;--<BR><BR>One way do to this is to increase the length/duration of your session variable. It usually defaults to 20 minutes but you can change that in your code or in the IIS console.<BR>Now the big question is for Hhow long should I increase the duration ? well that depends on you! you decide.<BR>Another workaround I&#039;ve seen/heard is to create some sort of counter in a hidden frame that counts till 19 minutes then if no activity the page refresh&#039;s itself this way the session variable will not be deleted(abandon).<BR><BR>It also depends on many other specs, for example, how much RAM will the server have ? are you expecting 1 millions people a day ? Is the web server hosting many other web sites ? and so on..<BR><BR>As for amazon, I haven&#039;t worked there so I can&#039;t really tell you but I assume that they INSERT into their database your stuff with your username so the next time you login they can retrieve what you had the last time you came.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>Sincerely<BR><BR>Vlince

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