Loosing Data while refreshing , need help

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Thread: Loosing Data while refreshing , need help

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    Hi <BR>I have a couple of dropdown menus and the second one<BR>depends on the first . i.e. I need first to get some<BR>value from the outter function , then I am showing in the <BR>first dropdown some names ( while the second one still empty)<BR>and just after the user picks one from the first , I show <BR>him some values in the second one .<BR>Well when the user picks the value from the first menu ,<BR> I submit this value ( the menu is placed inside the FORM)<BR>and this is the time when all goes wrong.<BR>First of all I loose all the first menu it goes empty,<BR>as it was at the start of page , and no value is submitted.<BR>How can I save this values or is there some other way <BR>to handle this problem ?<BR>Thanks in advance !

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    This is easy to do with DTC&#039s in interdev, but not real efficient. The way I would suggest is: First populate your first drop down list with a variable string from a SUB in a Response.Write statement. Also Write this variable string into a hidden field. On reload check for this hidden field. If exist the populate first dropdown with it setting default with the selected value. Hope this makes sense, it&#039s still early. If you need more help post a email address and I&#039ll send you a example.

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