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    Hi, I&#039;m getting a bit swamped with the number of clients that need me to do things (websites, updates, designs, etc) for them in addition to my full time job, plus I might (possibly) need to pay someone (on a per-job basis) to help me build my proprietary CMS I&#039;m currently working on. If I were to effectively work on everything I am supposed to do at the moment, I&#039;d need about 120 hours a week, which is just far too much for me.<BR><BR>If you live in Australia (anywhere is ok) and really know your JScript, XML, ASP and SQL, and are willing to do freelance jobs on the side in addition to whatever your current work is, please let me know so we can have a chat. Send me an email at and perhaps give me some examples of your previous stuff. <BR><BR>For the freelance work I&#039;d pass on to you, it&#039;d be at a rate of about AU$40/hour, prequoted for the whole job (I can&#039;t afford more, sorry!), and if you were helping me work on my CMS, I could only pay you a small amount per fortnight, but you&#039;d have access to use, for your own jobs and work, a very advanced and super slick content management system to cut your web development time by more than 90%.

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    Hi Mr. Nathan Ridley,<BR><BR>I currently have finished several ASP projects,, with credit card validation through Authorize Net,, ASP shopping cart, username loto02, password the same for test account,, same account for testing.<BR><BR>I can help you lessen your load, I am currently based in Pasadena,CA but I live in Sydney.<BR><BR>Thank you. You can email me at or visit the site im developing at the moment,<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>roger

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