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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a date&time field in database I want to compare that against seconds in now() value.<BR><BR>I tried this<BR>if (datediff("N", now(),olddate )) &#060;50<BR><BR> ......<BR>end if.<BR><BR>But is not returning the value what i want .<BR>is it the righr sintax??<BR><BR>thanks<BR>julie

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    Default N is miNutes...S is seconds...

    But I think you have the DateDiff backwards.<BR><BR>That is going to always give you a NEGATIVE values if "olddate" is prior to right now. So then it will always be less than 50.<BR><BR>I *THINK* you want<BR> If DateDiff("s", olddateFromDB, Now( ) ) &#060; 50 Then<BR> ...<BR> End If<BR><BR>

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