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    Eeeek, due to some rather unpleasant SQL Server issues yesterday (Corrupt Master - thx for the disk alerts guys :]), I was wondering what pitfalls I need to take into account to put a &#039;tepid&#039; start server in place. I want to create new transaction logs on a regular basis, transfer them to another server and then apply the log changes to the &#039;other&#039; database...<BR><BR>Would have like replication server, but co. will not stump up for it :[<BR><BR>Advise / Recommendations pls !!!

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    Default I would guess..

    I&#039;ve never actually tried to automate the restoration of data on a server, but, I would guess that it could easily be done with a dts package. I would make sure to backup regular transaction logs on both servers (I like database maintenance plans for that..) and then you would have to make sure the other server, the subscription server, can see the transaction logs from the publication server, and if not your dts package can ftp the transaction logs to the subscription server. I really don&#039;t see why you would have any issues doing this as a dts package. Just make sure it is applying the correct transaction log, and you should be good to go.

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