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    I am looking for a nice article or FAQ that will walk me through this situation.<BR><BR>I am creating a form for my users that all of their web page requests will go on...this way I can seperate all of the emails from people that want something updated on the web site. <BR><BR>I am wanting to set up a form where they can attach, for instance, a Word document, they want put on the web site, and fill out some other information for me, then hit submit. <BR><BR>Then I want all of that information, including the attachment, sent to me...<BR><BR>Anyone know of a good place to learn how to do this?

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    Default Right here...

    ...both in the ASPFAQs and the articles on 4GuysFromRolla.com<BR><BR>Try the SEARCH in both those places.<BR><BR>First, you have to provide the ability for your users to upload files to the server. For that, you need some sort of file upload component. (There is code floating around out there to do it all in VBS. It&#039;s *VERY* slow and somewhat clumsy, but it does work. I&#039;d *highly* recomment using a real component, instead.)<BR><BR>And then the FAQs tell you how to send attachments with EMail. Though personally, I wouldn&#039;t recommend this. Why not just leave the uploaded file on the server and send only its name via email? After all, if you&#039;re going to work on the site you&#039;d just have to copy the file *back* to the server, anyway. No?<BR><BR>

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